My Short Forced Exile from WordPress

It was 7 p.m. November 4. I had just finished a post about the election, a passionate sort of reflection on how I had seen the country change over the decades. The post would have freshness for about one day. As always I read through it several times to see how I could tighten it or make sentences work more effectively.

Finally, I hit “publish.” I visited my site to make sure it was there.

Usually, that’s where it ends. I go onto something else, but an hour later I checked the site again. I was greeted with the message that my site had been removed. I had violated something or I was a spammer. “You are not welcome here,” it said.

I was stunned. I went over and over the blog in my mind. It was a thought piece. I was writing about my America. In addition to being just plain confused, to be truthful, I was hurt. “You are not welcome here.”

Then I realized that two years worth of work was gone. Yes, the message said WordPress would move my posts to another site when I found one, but I wanted to stay here. WordPress is home.

I emailed a message saying there was a huge mistake. I have been WordPress two years. I explained I was in higher education and my blog is about higher ed marketing and PR.

I waited. No response. Meanwhile my time-sensitive blog about the election lolled in WordPress Limbo.

I wondered if I should write another plea for my return to the WordPress family, or would that look like I was a desperate spammer? I finally broke down and sent a second reasoned but passionate plea.

I want to emphasize here that I was not angry with WordPress. I knew there was a glitch somewhere, but when we’re all working in the machine (red pill please) you are helpless until you connect with an appropriate human.

Obviously, I did and I’m back.

Why was I exiled? I doubt if you could ever guess unless its happened to you. And it very well could happen to you.

Next post: Why I was removed and why I still love WordPress.


2 responses to “My Short Forced Exile from WordPress

  1. So what did you write in that last post? Somebody had to ask…

  2. Glad you asked, Kyle. I went back and added a link to the post.

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