Lessons Learned in Holiday Greeting

As I said in my previous post, we spent about 10 hours producing the Animoto holiday greeting.

I should have run it by the choral director, but we were in a hurry since my intern was graduating in a few days.  The director sent me a polite email saying that we attributed the music to the MU choir.  She asked that it be corrected to say that it was the Festival Chorus.

The change was fairly easy.  We pulled the old one down and posted the corrected version.  When we started checking our Google Alerts, we realized that the old url took the visitor nowhere because we had yanked it.

Several other bloggers had linked to the site, and, I finally realized, the url on this post had to be corrected.  I’m sure we’ll never track down every where the holiday video is linked or mentioned, but it is a good example of why that vast cyber place is called The Web.

For the record, the updated url is here.


4 responses to “Lessons Learned in Holiday Greeting

  1. Making changes to YouTube videos can definitely be a pain. In the future I would recommend leaving the original video up and just posting an annotation in the video noting the correction. In addition, you could always post an updated version of the video and just offer an annotated link at the very beginning of the original, linking to it.

  2. Good suggestion. Thanks, Seth

  3. A couple suggestions that we use here and that work well for us:

    – For off-site links, have the link point to a redirect page on your site. That way you can track click-throughs and the link can still receive traffic even after the original content has expired, changed, or moved.

    – For on-site links that change, use a custom error 404 page with a script that catches a given URL request and redirects the visitor to the new, corrected URL.

  4. Thanks, Morgan. I appreciate the suggestions.

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