Help Me with My iPod Touch

Okay, I’m slowly coming out of hibernation.  One of my favorite presents, in addition to my Carl Jung action figure, was an iPod Touch.

Apple is right  It’s the “funnest iPod ever.”

I’m having a ball learning it.  I’d like to hear from you if you have one.  What are your favorite features?  Hidden stuff?  Things to watch out for?

What are the best sites for learning more about the Touch intricacies?

Thanks and have a great New Year.


6 responses to “Help Me with My iPod Touch

  1. As a dork who has to feel eternally connected, my most-used features are the Facebook app, Twitterific and email access. I really like the iCal sync, if I were only less lazy at keeping things updated (my main scheduler is still a good old-fashioned Franklin Planner™).

    In terms of fun, I like Pandora Radio a lot. The WeatherBug is a neat portable and concise function. The ProFootball app has been great for the past 17 weeks of the NFL season. Guess an MLB app will be next. For sheer stupid fun, check out things like Flashlight (self-explanatory), iConcert (an environmentally safe lighter you can hold over your head at performances) and White Noise.

    Seriously, there are more neat apps than I would ever have time to explore. Congratulations!

  2. Hey, great information! I’ll check them out. Thanks!

  3. I have an ipod touch, and I’ve also found Twitterific, Facebook, and email my most commonly used apps.

    For Twitter I use Twitterific for my main account, and Twinkle for a second one.

    UrbanSpoon has been useful on occasion for finding restaurants (but mainly for breaking a tie or when can’t decide where to go.)

    I’ve turned the brightness down to the lowest setting to increase battery life. When I’m someplace (like an airport) that has wireless but I’m not connecting I turn the wifi off to save battery life.

    It’s great for viewing photos with friends — I’ve put it on an album, shown someone how to slide to the next image, then stepped back and let them drive/enjoy.

    I like AOL Radio too.

    Some DVDs come with a free digital copy that I’ve put into iTunes and then on the touch.

    I haven’t found a shopping list app I’ve liked, but what I generally do is make a list/memo/note and send myself an email so I have it on all my devices w/ imap email.

    I really like keeping my phone separate — that way I can use up all the batteries on entertainment and whatnot (including work) on the ipod touch and save battery life on my phone in case of delay/whatever. Works out very well when traveling.

  4. Sorry, can’t help you with your iPod. I’m still using a blasted Treo. How uncool is that?

    Love the Jung action figure. Quite archetypal. 😉

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