Prints Ads Part 2

I asked Dick Jones of Dick Jones Communications to do a guest blog on my previous post about the value of print advertising.  I value Dick’s decades of experience, and  his thoughts on our profession:


I’m leaning toward the view that the question of advertising has to
be decided apart from the issue of editorial. The editorial “content” that
newspapers provide is just as often or more often viewed on computer screens
as it is on paper these days. But ads are a different story. The print
edition has more ads than the newspaper website has.  Newsprint ads are
considered part of the product, while ads on the website are often
considered an intrusion.
(Editor’s italics).

We have a situation where the news stories work pretty much the same on
paper or on the web. But the ads only work well on paper–and fewer and
fewer people hold newspapers in their hands.

So if the only question is “how effective will the ad be?” then newspaper
advertising is not the best play. But there may be another consideration.
You may want to spend some money on newspaper advertising to build or
maintain good relations with the newspaper. You and I were raised on the
model of absolute separation between advertising and editorial, of course.
But with newspapers in financial trouble it is only human nature that they
will tend to remember the folks who support them.

I am not suggesting anything like a quid pro quo deal. It’s on a deeper level than that.

It’s a recognition that they value your role in the community and you value


6 responses to “Prints Ads Part 2

  1. Very interesting viewpoint. No guarantees, but a good argument in this economic climate. However, aren’t newspapers supposed to report without bias? Unfortunate that editorial writing could be impacted by who buys the most ad space.

  2. Last year, we spent over $250K on newspapers. We dropped all newspaper advertising in August. The only change we noticed was that the head of advertising at the state’s largest newspaper started calling me asking how she could better service us. She never had called before. As of the January census, enrollment is up.

  3. Rob,
    Really interesting. Thanks for sharing. I’m curious as to where you redirected the ad dollars.

  4. Mostly online and outdoors.

  5. Very interesting viewpoint.Thanks for sharing

  6. when do you post part 3 , I m waiting for this 🙂

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