Taking a Break with Dimitri Martin

Sunday night.  Busy weekend. Long week ahead.

No business.  I want to talk about Dimitri Martin. I love this guy.  His humor is subtle, quiet, cerebral and hilarious.
I discovered him on one of my top two favorite radio shows, Fresh Air.
So I looked up his website, which is unfinished and funny.

The lean Martin  with his carefully done hair,  big innocent eyes and prominent, is a physical hybrid of  David Krumholtz and a ’60s Paul McCartney.
He has a new series starting on Comedy Central Feb. 11.
His humor is a kind of genteel pop culture Far Side.

Try him out.  You’ll love him and he’s going to be big.

Okay.  Back to work.


2 responses to “Taking a Break with Dimitri Martin

  1. Demetri Martin is good stuff. Have you seen or heard of Flight of the Conchords?

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