Where The Hell is Matt is marketing marvel

Where the Hell is Matt 2008 is one of the most inspiring videos I’ve seen this year (aside from Susan Boyle. Both by the way are masterpieces in shooting and editing).
As of this writing, WTHIM2008 is rocketing its way to 21 million views and 80,000 ratings, more than 200 video responses and 64,000 text responses.  In the category of Travel & Events it’s the number one most discussed and number two most viewed video of all time.

Why the popularity?  Well, it’s a quickie world tour, a whirlwind geography lesson.

It’s happy.

It’s funny (dancing by the ocean and getting washed out by a wave, curious dogs checking out crazy humans) .

It contains the continually unexpected.  The scenes run from good to gorgeous.

And about half way through the 4:29 video, it dawns on you again that, yes, the whole world can dance as one!  People from every culture can come together and feel joy.  You see it in every scene.  People –especially the kids — are having a ball.

Finally, it’s excellent marketing . The sponsor, Stride, doesn’t appear until the final second, after the credits.  The message in white type on a black screen is simple:  “And thanks once more to Stride for making this possible.”  It’s followed by the Stride url

I don’t know what it cost to produce WTHIM2008 but you can bet that Stride is feeling good about every penny spent in this message that contains — aside from the opening “point it that way, okay?– not one spoken word.  There’s not one pitch.

But there is a message.  It’s a beautiful, multicultural world in which there is music, dance and joy.

When life and consciousness can be distilled into this kind of living poetry, you know there’s hope for peace.



2 responses to “Where The Hell is Matt is marketing marvel

  1. It’s a favorite of TargetX. Many times before we speak or keynote, we show this video. Really helps get everyone excited and energized, but also is a great lesson in viral marketing.

    But at the same time, we hate Matt at TargetX – mostly because we’re so jealous 🙂

  2. I had read about this, but had never seen the video until just now. Thanks for sharing. Awesome! I’m also quite jealous cause that must have been a HECK of a world tour!

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