My No Budget TV Talk Show

Okay, in this high rolling social media world where we fritter with Twitter, apply more makeup on Facebook and punch the keyboard to create new blog posts, I’m adding a new, narrow, more focused local direction.

I decided to start a TV talk show to air on our local cable system.  The system covers six towns in three counties.

There are several reasons for my 20th century move.  The cable manager, Tom Freeman, and I  have been talking about some kind of community service program for years.  Our campus TV club does a show but it still doesn’t fill the community service aspect fully.

In a new community relations committee I’m on, someone pointed out that many local residents have never been on the Mansfield University campus.

In a meeting with admissions directors recently, our system chancellor told directors that we’re overlooking our own backyards as far as promotion and recruiting.

We have many  professors, staff and community leaders with a lot of good, interesting things to say about what they’re doing.

So I went to the president and told her,  “I want to start a TV show.”  A very pro-community leader, she endorsed it on the spot.    I talked with Mark, our TV services person who also jumped on board.  I called people I knew would be interesting just to make sure I had enough subjects to get the show off the ground.

I named the show “Conversations.”

It is TV 101.  No special effects.  Some B-roll.  Some editing.  For anyone who’s been involved in productions, you know that creating a video or show is time-consuming.  I figured I would spend a few hours researching each guest or his or her subject.  The producer estimated that he would spend several hours in post-production.

We would do the interviews in the TV studio where we didn’t have to worry about lighting and sound.  (This soon changed, of course). I opted for just plain curtains for a background so the viewer stays focused on the conversation.  We’d use three cameras–one on the guest, one on me and one for me to talk directly to the viewer (intros, outros, commercial breaks).

With that agreement, the president’s approval and no proposal, master plan, needs assessment and all the other stuff that stifles creativity and creates obstacles to actual work, we jumped in.

The results?

I’ll talk about that next time.


3 responses to “My No Budget TV Talk Show

  1. I’m itching to see a vid. Love your comments about the BS documents that generally stifle creativity.

  2. Properly… being entirely honest, I don’t expect to discover this kind of info in error, since I did, since I recently discovered your current short article whilst I became really managing a explore Yahoo, looking for such like however, not precisely the same… On the other hand at this time I’m greater than pleased you just read the idea as well as I want to incorporate that your perspective is remarcable although a bit questionable towards the identified… I’d instead say it really is approximately debate… nevertheless I am afraid to make you my enemy, ‘, haya, ha… Anyhow, if you want to discuss at length regarding it, you should reply to my personal opinion and also I am going to try and join to ensure I’ll be advised are available back again in charge of a lot more…

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