Some Favorite Sites, Part 1

I just discovered For Immediate Release on a Blog High Ed post.  I don’t remember whose post it was so I apologize.  FIR has been around for years and simply eluded me but it immediately became one of my favorite podcasts.  It’s hosted by Neville Hobson in England and Shel Holtz in California.  It’s intelligent, informative and full of news about marketing online, the latest developments in the technology and the emerging media.  It airs Mondays and Thursdays.

I also listen religiously to No Agenda, hosted by Adam Curry and John C. Dvorak.   Curry, a 1980s  MTV VeeJay turned entrepreneur was one of the pioneers in developing and promoting podcasting.   The two men are the odd couple of podcasting.  John is knowledgable, practical and a bit grumpy.  (In fact the contributing editor of PC  world  has another podcast called Cranky Geeks.)  Adam is a freewheeling guy whose sexual references and occasional R-rated language belies his extensive knowledge of the field and his entrepreneurial genius. (He’s the cofounder of Podshow, now mevio.)

Their niche is finding news that mainstream media ignores.  Their opinions, projections and conclusions are more often than not accurate and sometimes frightening.  They are refreshingly neither Republican or Democrat so the Obama adminsitration comes under the same scrutiny as the Republicans.  In a Democracy, we need this.

For fun I also listen to Wait Wait Don’t Tell Me, the smartest, wittiest show anywhere.  Hosted by Peter Sagal and Carl Kasell the band of regulars and guests are unabashedly liberal with minds and tongues are rapier sharp.  It’s the only show that almost every week makes me laugh out loud.

I also read Ad Age online which remains the bellwether in the now volatile advertising world.

I continue to read and promote Blog High Ed, not just because I’m a member of the BHE family but because it remains a forum for a diverse group of bloggers who not only care about higher ed marketing and websites but who are also some of the sharpest of the cutting edge folks in the field. Several have gone on to start their own businesses and are fast emerging leaders in the profession.

* * *

I’ve written in the past about words that are way overused.  I have come to absolutely cringe at  “literally.”  I think I’ve included it in my hated words list but I’m telling you, I hear this word every day by smart, educated people from FIR to Fresh Air.  What was once a good, upstanding, perfectly respectable word has become the Slumdog of the English language.  It has become mindless filler!  Or, as says, it now means “virtually” instead of it’s original meaning of “actually.”

I’m not going to change anything by complaining.  I’ll wait for it to run its course, like “irony” did a few years ago.

That’s all for today.



7 responses to “Some Favorite Sites, Part 1

  1. thanks for sharing the FIR podcast. Downloaded a few a really like it. A few months back I listed my fav podcasts:

  2. Drew,
    Thanks for sharing your post. I checked it out and found a couple shows I need to check.

  3. FIR has been my social media and communications gold standard for a couple of years now. I listen to every word of every podcast, including the Blog Talk Radio live sessions (very cool, those) and the cuts. It’s international, it’s thoughtful and thought-provoking, it’s on the leading edge of issues, and it’s funny to boot. Glad you gave it a try — now call in and leave a comment!

  4. You might also like to join the growing community in the FIR Friendfeed Room – – it’s private, just request a subscription. There are lots of links to resources, posts, etc that relate to show topics or that other members have found and shared

  5. Kris, thanks for the tip. I’ll check it out.
    Tony, thank you for the Friendfeed Room link. I’ll head there now.
    Thanks guys!

  6. You are right. “Literally” has become filler. Language inflation. Another example, this one from from the sports world: “single season record” (formerly known as “season record.”) Are there any double season records?

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