Vanity Fair, Politico and other Thoughts

I’ve slipped into the slower rhythm of summer, working in my garden, playing with the dogs, repairing stone walls and a lot of other physical labor things that let me work with nature.
I’ve also been trying to keep up with things and after fighting it for quite awhile I’m a daily Huffington Post reader.
I also discovered Vanity Fair, a magazine that’s been around since the beginning of the 20th century. There was so much hype about the article on Sarah Palin that I bought a copy and discovered the magazine is a treasure trove of great writers on a variety of subjects. Maybe I just hit a good issue but I spent this rainy morning reading an in-depth article on Heath Ledger’s life and death and unfinished last movie, the man who destroyed the world’s economy, Harvard’s plunge into unprecedented dept and an article on the wildly successful website Politico.
I’ve pondered often in this blog about the death of newspapers and what would replace them. This article, and Politico, helps provide some answers.
Vanity Fair may be my new favorite magazine, next to Wired Magazine, which will always be my #1.

* * *

I noted in an earlier post that I started a No Budget TV Show in the spring. The feedback is pretty much what I wanted. It’s been steady without being overwhelming. The show’s guests say folks on the street say they’ve seen them on TV.
We’ve edited each show into 15 minute segments and posted them on our Mansfield University YouTube site. The viewership is small but growing.
As I said before, the show has no budget. There are no special effects or publicity stunts. If you want to check it out, I’d suggest the episodes on the Endless Mountain Music Festival. I interview the conductor and we use slides and video as B-roll.
There’s also a fun spot where the conductor’s cell phone rings in the middle of the interview. I rolled with it. He apologized and asked if it could be deleted. I said no. It was good TV. The producer came out when we were finished saying, “I love the cell phone scene. We leave it in!”

* * *

It’s been a beautiful weekend. I plucked my first red tomato.  We’ve slid into the third base of  summer and tomorrow is Monday.

Life is good.


2 responses to “Vanity Fair, Politico and other Thoughts

  1. You need to check out an article on The Avett Brothers in Vanity Fair written a month or two ago. This is without a doubt my favorite band with incredible melodies and the most honest lyrics you’ll ever hear. Check it out:

  2. Thanks Dave. I’ll definitely check it out!

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