Maybe you don’t die after all

I said in the last post that we write and exist in the moment. Things are moving  fast and there is so much other excellent content that if you stop, others move in.
You vanish.
That’s only partly true, I found.
On July 4, when every patriotic American is drinking beer, doing hot dogs and ooohing to fireworks, I received an email inviting me to do a technical review of a new book in its final draft stage.
That the woman writing to me on July 4 was impressive.  She was a dedicated professional and thoroughly unAmerican.

I went back to the invitation which read, in part: “I’ve been reading your higher ed marketing blog and believe you could be an excellent technical reviewer for our forthcoming book on WordPress Marketing. . . .”

I have a soft spot for WordPress since my three personal blogs and my professional one at Mansfield University are all on WordPress.

Then I realized I hadn’t posted anything on this site in awhile.  I went back and checked.  The last post was July 2010 of me doing a whining sign-off with a bad case of burnout!  I hadn’t posted anything in a year!

But then, this isn’t unusual.  I’ve had responses to posts that are three or more years old, as I’m sure most bloggers have.  So maybe you don’t die after hanging it up.  You just keep floating out there in some half-life state and eventually someone enters your orbit.

I accepted the invitation and over the weeks as I worked on the review, felt the urge to get back into the game.

I did some research on the publishing company and found that the lady was, indeed, not American.  She had written to me on July 4 from her office . . . in England.


A lot of you are bloggers.  What is the oldest post one of your readers has responded to?  One year?  Three?  Five?


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