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  1. Does not look like Mansfield, but then your billboard with a photo of an Asian student doesn’t either.

  2. Hi

    Apologies for using this to communicate with you but I couldn’t find a “contact me” link on your blog. Google Alerts informed me that you linked to my blog via a post on your blog. I couldn’t find the link, which is a problem because I like to thank people who take the time out to read the blog and further the discussion.


    If you did in fact link to my blog, my sincere thanks. It is edifying to discover that one’s opinion is worthwhile. And if the Google Alert was erroneous, please accept my apologies for wasting your time.

    Also, regardless of which case is in fact true, please delete this comment as soon as you’ve read it. I would hate for people to get the idea that I’m spamming you. You’ll have my email address for further correspondence either way. And either way, keep up the good work on the blog. I enjoyed reading your posts.

    Amod Munga

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